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Heal – Actionable insights to heal yourself …

Think good, and good follows. Think evil, and evil follows.
You are what you think all day long

True health is only possible when we understand the unity of our minds, emotions, spirits, and physical bodies and stop striving for perfection.

The key to vibrant health on all levels is within us—our inner wisdom.

When we find the connection between our thoughts, beliefs, physical health, and life circumstances, we find that we are in the driver’s seat of our lives and can make profound changes.

Nothing is more exhilarating or empowering.

The Treasure house is within you.
Look within for the answer to your heart’s desire.

We founded this blog for the Study of Health and Illness because we felt alone and hoped to find others who yearned for a medicine that was more than applied science.

We have discovered that people all over the world share a dream of service that connects us to one another from the heart.

Erma Bombeck on Heal, Judgement Compassion Understanding

Success means successful living. When you are peaceful, happy, joyous, and doing what you love to do, you are successful.

The Good Shepherd tries to be a visionary pioneer and a leading authority in the field of health and wellness, which includes the unity of mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

We take an empowering approach to people’s health and wellness, The Good Shepherd teaches people how to thrive at every stage of life.

We see the practice of medicine as a spiritual path and a path of service.

Our Mission

The law of life is the law of belief. A belief is a thought in your mind. Do not believe in things to harm or hurt you. Believe in the power of your subconscious to heal, inspire, strengthen, and prosper you. According to your belief is it done unto you.

The Good Shepherds mission is to contribute to healing the culture of health care through innovative the formation of supportive communities.

Our posts provide resources to enable people to sustain their service values, their humanity and their passion for their work.

  • find deeper satisfaction and meaning in their day-to-day work lives
  • strengthen their original sense of calling
  • identify as healers within a worldwide community and long lineage of healers
  • form non-competitive community with colleagues
  • uncover the community of service that underlies the diversity of professional expertise
  • discover they are not alone
  • learn tools of self-care
  • renew their commitment to themselves, their patients, their students and medicine.
Iris Murdoch on Mindfulness, Heal

Basically curing is about repair and healing is about growth. So curing is something we do to others and healing something we evoke in others.

Curing happens at the level of the body and leads to a re-normalization of physiology.

Healing happens at the level of the person and involves an evolution and refinement of the individual, a deepening of the capacity for emotional life, mental life and spiritual life the furthering of personal wholeness and not physical health.

Healing promotes the quality of life and the capacity to engage with life.

At time people recover physical integrity but they do not heal emotionally or mentally or spiritually; they live their lives in fear of recurrence or in bitterness over their past losses.

Others never recover their physical integrity but live with a greater passion and authenticity than before.

We heal with our presence. In order to help others to heal we need to bring our wholeness into the examining room with us, our strengths, our courage, our caring, and even our anger and fears and doubts.

The suggestions and statements of others have no power to hurt you. The only power is the movement of your own thought.

You can choose to reject the thoughts or statements of others and affirm the good. You have the power to choose how you will react.

Daniel C. Dennett on Happiness, Heal

Everyone alive has suffered. It is the wisdom gained from our wounds and our own experiences of suffering that make us able to trust the process of healing and accompany other people as they heal.

Your mind is not evil. No force of nature is evil. It depends how you use the powers of nature.

Use your mind to bless, heal, and inspire all people everywhere.

Wounded people are usually healed by other wounded people. Only other wounded people can understand what is needed for the healing of suffering is compassion, not expertise. 

It is hard to believe that we can heal others when we know we are wounded ourselves. But often our own wounds make us trustworthy and give us the wisdom and power to heal.

Our wounds enable us to trust the healing process. Our hurts can move us beyond judgment and teach us compassion for the hurts of other people.

Our loneliness enables us to recognize the hidden loneliness in others despite the masks that we all wear and to find them when they are lost in the dark.

James Baldwin on Understanding. Heal

When we heal we abandon all such concerns and simply listen generously to someone not in order to position ourselves or even to understand what is being said.

We listen just to know what is true for this person at this moment in time to witness it and validate it and accept it.

The paradox being that the things we accept as true about ourselves lose their hold on us and we begin to change. 

In order to heal my pain, I must accept that I am in pain difficult as that is and someone else must acknowledge that I am in pain. Then we can begin to make change.

Listening is the oldest and perhaps the most powerful tool of healing.

Another healing tool is simple touch. In this culture many people are afraid to touch others.  I was trained that it is only permissible to touch people in order to diagnose them.  

We may need to find acceptable ways to touch more. Touch is deeply reassuring and nurturing and one of the oldest and perhaps most powerful tools of healing. 

William Butler Yeats on Firends and Unity, Heal

We feel you too can learn to be happy, have peace of mind, and accomplish all your goals and dreams no matter what hand life deals you.

We provide expert advice on personal questions about Health and Healing. Our message of hope and love is extended to all who seek a whole person approach for living life fully.

Bodies die but spirits and consciousness survive and recycle. So know that your loved ones are still there, watching over you and desiring that you still find happiness and meaning in your life, and not let sorrow take control and destroy your life.

நல்லாயன் (நல்ல ஆயன்) நானே. நல்ல ஆயன்(நல்லாயன்) ஆடுகளுக்காகத் தம் உயிரைக் கொடுப்பார். கூலிக்கு மேய்ப்பவர் ஓநாய் வருவதைக் கண்டு ஆடுகளை விட்டு விட்டு ஓடிப்போவார். ஏனெனில், அவர் ஆயரும் அல்ல; ஆடுகள் அவருக்குச் சொந்தமும் அல்ல; ஓநாய் ஆடுகளைப் பற்றி இழுத்துக்கொண்டு போய் மந்தையைச் சிதறடிக்கும். கூலிக்கு மேய்ப்பவருக்கு ஆடுகளைப்பற்றி கவலை இல்லை.

நல்லாயன் (நல்ல ஆயன்) நானே. தந்தை என்னை அறிந்திருக்கிறார்; நானும் தந்தையை அறிந்திருக்கிறேன். அதுபோல நானும் என் ஆடுகளை அறிந்திருக்கிறேன்; என் ஆடுகளும் என்னை அறிந்திருக்கின்றன. அவைகளுக்காக எனது உயிரைக் கொடுக்கிறேன். இக்கொட்டிலைச் சேரா வேறு ஆடுகளும் எனக்கு உள்ளன. நான் அவற்றையும் நடத்திச் செல்லவேண்டும். அவையும் எனது குரலுக்குச் செவி சாய்க்கும். அப்போது ஒரே மந்தையும் ஒரே ஆயரும் என்னும் நிலை ஏற்படும்.

நல்ல ஆயன்

நல்லாயன் (நல்ல ஆயன்) – The Good Shepherd
நல்லாயன் (நல்ல ஆயன்) – The Good Shepherd

நல்ல ஆயன்

1 ஆண்டவரே என் ஆயர்;
எனக்கேதும் குறையில்லை.

2 பசும்புல் வெளிமீது எனை அவர் இளைப்பாறச் செய்வார்;
அமைதியான நீர்நிலைகளுக்கு எனை அழைத்துச் செல்வார்.

3 அவர் எனக்குப் புத்துயிர் அளிப்பார்;
தம் பெயர்க்கேற்ப எனை நீதிவழி நடத்திடுவார்;

4 மேலும், சாவின் இருள்சூழ் பள்ளத்தாக்கில்
நான் நடக்க நேர்ந்தாலும்,
நீர் என்னோடு இருப்பதால் எத்தீங்கிற்கும் அஞ்சிடேன்;
உம் கோலும் நெடுங்கழியும் என்னைத் தேற்றும்.

5 என்னுடைய எதிரிகளின் கண் முன்னே
எனக்கொரு விருந்தினை ஏற்பாடு செய்கின்றீர்;
என் தலையில் நறுமணத் தைலம் பூசுகின்றீர்;
எனது பாத்திரம் நிரம்பி வழிகின்றது.

6 உண்மையாகவே, என் வாழ்நாள் எல்லாம்
உம் அருள் நலமும் பேரன்பும் எனைப் புடைசூழ்ந்துவரும்;
நானும் ஆண்டவரின் இல்லத்தில் நெடுநாள் வாழ்ந்திருப்பேன்.

நல்ல ஆயன்

நல்லாயன் (நல்ல ஆயன்) – The Good Shepherd
நல்லாயன் (நல்ல ஆயன்) – The Good Shepherd

நல்ல ஆயன்

I am the good shepherd. A good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.

A hired man, who is not a shepherd and whose sheep are not his own, sees a wolf coming and leaves the sheep and runs away, and the wolf catches and scatters them.This is because he works for pay and has no concern for the sheep.

I am the good shepherd, and I know mine and mine know me, just as the Father knows me and I know the Father; and I will lay down my life for the sheep.I have other sheep that do not belong to this fold. These also I must lead, and they will hear my voice, and there will be one flock, one shepherd

நல்ல ஆயன் (நல்லாயன்)

நல்லாயன் (நல்ல ஆயன்) – The Good Shepherd
நல்லாயன் (நல்ல ஆயன்) – The Good Shepherd

நல்ல ஆயன்

1. The LORD is my shepherd;​​
​there is nothing I lack.​

2. In green pastures he makes me lie down;​
​to still waters he leads me;​

3. He restores my soul.
He guides me along right paths​
​for the sake of his name.​

4. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death​
​I will fear no evil, for you are with me;​
​your rod and your staff comfort me.​

5. You set a table before me​
​in front of my enemies;​
​You anoint my head with oil;​
​my cup overflows.​

​6. Indeed, goodness and mercy will pursue me​
​all the days of my life;​
​I will dwell in the house of the LORD​
​for endless days​

நல்ல ஆயன்

நல்லாயன் (நல்ல ஆயன்) – The Good Shepherd
நல்லாயன் (நல்ல ஆயன்) – The Good Shepherd

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