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Anxiety – What is the cure?

Practising relaxation response can cure Anxiety. You are not alone and you are not the first one to go through this problem. Every single human being on this planet have already faced Anxiety in their life or will face in the future. You are not alone.

Maria Montessori on Development

1. What is Anxiety?

  1. Anxiety is selling your soul for a pay check.
  2. Is having a pessimistic world view
  3. Is engaging your mind in fearful, anxious, worried thoughts
  4. Is being in toxic relationships.
  5. Having money worries
  6. Is having a feeling that you are out of touch with your life’s purpose
  7. Anxiety is negative beliefs about our health
  8. Anxiety is pretending to be something that you are not
  9. Anxiety is feeling like nobody really gets the real you.
  10. Anxiety is feeling disconnected from source
  11. Anxiety is overwhelm
  12. Anxiety is knowing that you have a song within you that has yet to be sung
Rainer Maria Rilke On Enlightenment
Rainer Maria Rilke On Enlightenment

2. Demystifying the cause for Anxiety

People generally respond in two ways whenever they feel stressed.

  • Stress Response
  • Relaxation Response

3. Frequent Stress Response triggers Anxiety

Stress is anything that triggers the amygdala in your brain to turn on the stress response(fight or flight response). Anything that turns on your fight or flight response will put you into the sympathetic nervous system, and fills your body with cortisol and epinephrine and other stress hormones. This is good if you are being chased by a tiger, as it helps to protect your life. If you were chased by a tiger, then your body is not going to clear that two cancer cells it generated today. Your body is not going to do the preventive maintenance it is suppose to do that day.

4. Relaxation response is the Cure for Anxiety

Quiet calm mind relaxes Amygdala which in turn kicks in Relaxation Response . Relaxation Response triggers natural self repair mechanism in your body. Activation of the relaxation response is the key to activate the self repairing mechanism and to cure Anxiety. Relaxation response is like cultivating the sense of stillness within you. The vagus nerve, also known as the vagal nerves, are the main nerves of your parasympathetic nervous system. This system controls specific body functions such as your digestion, heart rate and immune system. These functions are involuntary, meaning you can’t consciously control them.

Jules Renard on Calm
Jules Renard on Calm

Amygdala doesn’t know the difference whether it is tiger or negative thoughts, beliefs that originate in your mind that turn on those stress responses. Your body is beautifully equipped with natural self repairing mechanisms, your body knows how to fight with cancer, how to prevent heart disease, how to fight of infection, and does it every day. Those natural self repairing mechanism are deactivated every time your body is in stress response. I dont want you to accept this chronic stress as a natural part of our life. Universe will take care of people who live in align with nature. Reduce stress responses and activate relaxation responses and help your body’s natural self-repair mechanisms heal you. Let yourself and give yourself the medicine(Relaxation Response) that you really need.

5. Cure for Anxiety

  1. Cure is being loved just as you are
  2. Cure is helping those in need
  3. Cure is expressing your creative Genius
  4. Medicine is speaking the truth
  5. Medicine is knowing you belong
  6. Medicine is communing with nature
  7. Medicine is always seeing the glass half full
  8. Medicine is the unconditional love of animals.
  9. Medicine is laughing out loud.
  10. Medicine is nourishing the body with real food.
  11. Medicine is tapping into source Mother Nature.
  12. Medicine is being unapologetically you

6. Short term Cure for Anxiety

Acupuncture Points for Anxiety

Governing Vessel Channel Points for Anxiety

7. Long term Cure for Anxiety

Practise a form of relaxation on a daily basis until you cultivate a sense of stillness in your thought process and response in dealing with your everyday life.

Depending on the faith you follow, you may choose any of the below meditation to cure Anxiety Completely

Gregorian, Mozarabic, Visigothic chants 

Relaxing Music Therapy for Practising Relaxation Response

Om Meditation

Wahe Guru Simran Meditation

Practising Shanthi Asana(Savasana)

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