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Acid Regurgitation – How to cure?

Acid Regurgitation

Fasting can help you cure Acid Regurgitation

1. What is Acid Regurgitation?

A state in which acid in your stomach enters esophagus and causing irritation around the chest area. People who complain about burning sensation around chest area usually experience this after taking food or lying down after taking food.

2. Acid Regurgitation Diagnosis

If we eat more food than what is necessary for that particular time then it is suppose to create wastes in your stomach. Overdoing this on a daily basis is the number one cause for acid regurgitation.

3.Can we cure Acid Regurgitation?

Yes. We can cure acid regurgitation completely. By changing your lifestyle you can cure this state within a week.

4. Permanent long term cure

  1. Determine the quantity of the food you take based on your hunger level at that particular time. Don’t eat according to a time schedule but eat according to your hunger level at that particular time. Your hunger level can not be a constant every time. It varies each time you take food. It is based on many factors(Mood, Work etc). Don’t try to make it a constant.
  2. Take food only when you are hungry.
  3. The foods we take when we are not actually hungry will turn into wastes we accumulate in our body. Our digestion system should over work to eliminate such wastes from your body to keep your body in a healthy state.
  4. Your hunger level is the measurement for how much food you need to take.
  5. The quantity of the food that we take more than the quantity of food required for the hunger level are wastes we add to our body.
  6. The quantity of the food we take less than the quantity of food we required for that hunger level are food deficiency we create in our body which in turn can result in energy deficiency.
  7. You may choose the food according to your taste need at that particular time. But dont over eat one particular food(ex. chicken).

5. Temporary short term cure

Fasting can trigger your body to use your life force entirely to eliminate the wastes accumulated in your body. If you skip a meal every week or fast for a complete day per week will give you a short term immediate relief from acid regurgitation.

6. Acupuncture points for curing Acid Regurgitation

Conception Vessel Channel Points

Gall Bladder Channel Points for Acid Regurgitation

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