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Sleep Deprivation is one of the root cause for harmon imbalance

Biological Clock – Circadian Rhythm – Endocrine System – Harmone secretion correlation

Endocrine system and Harmone secretions are correlated with sleeping patterns. Harmone secretion in people who align with their body’s biological clock is in harmony, whereas the harmone secretion in people who don’t follow their body’s biological clock is distorted.

How to observe body’s biological clock?

We can observe the timings of our biological clock by observing the day and night timings. We need to observe sun rise and sun set timings. Harmone secretion in people who align their sleeping hours with sunrise(light) and sunset(dark) will be in harmony.

Is it ok to violate?

No it is not. Because our biological clock and Nature’s clock will be out of sync. It is suppose to create imbalance in your body’s harmone system. It is never ok to violate the sleeping pattern regulary as it is correlated with the Endocrine system.

As it seems impossible to sleep as soon as the sun sets, we should atleast try to have the supper before 8 and go to sleep by 8:30 to 9. This way we can regulate the sleeping pattern and this inturn will  regulate the harmone secretions needed to let your liver starts detoxification process as per its timings. Breaking this system will let the toxins stay in your body and these will become one of the sources for the deseases we develop.

Frequent violation of biological clock based sleeping pattern will add more toxins to your body. Our body’s immunisation will try to defend to its potential but at some point it may fail, because we choose not to cooperate with the body by sleeping according to the biological clock

Sleep Deprivation is one of the root cause for harmon imbalance

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