SP 21 Acupuncture Point

SP 21 Acupuncture Point

SP 21 Acupuncture Point is called as dà bāo. Da means Large. Bao means containing. This point pertains to the major collateral of the spleen meridian. The spleen(earth) lies in the center and is related to all the Zang-Fu organs.

The Spleen Meridian begins at the big toe and runs along the inside of the foot crossing the inner ankle. It then travels along the inner side of the lower leg and thigh. Once it enters the abdominal cavity, it internally connects with the spleen and continues upward to reach the Heart Meridian. Externally, the Spleen Meridian continues moving toward the chest and branches out to reach the throat and the root of the tongue.

The Spleen Channel is a yin channel that consists of 21 points. It begins at the 1st toe and runs along the medial aspect of the foot and travels upwards along the lower leg and thigh medially. Once reaching the abdomen it continues upwards toward the chest. As with the Stomach channel the Spleen is an extensive meridian which runs for most of the entire length of the body from the 1st toe to the upper chest but its main usage in a musculoskeletal setting is of the points of the lower limb, namely SP 6, SP 9 and SP 10.

SP 21 Acupuncture Point
SP 21 Acupuncture Point

SP 21 Acupuncture Point Location

Mid-axillary line, in the 6th or 7th intercostal space

On the lateral chest wall, on the mid axillary line, 6 cun inferior to the anterior axillary crease. Needle obliquely 0.3 – 0.5 cun.


⼤大包 dà bāo

Spleen 21 Great Embracement


  • Great Luo Connecting Point on the Spleen Channel
  • Great Wrapping
  • Great Luo-Connecting Point of the Spleen


  • Regulates qi and blood
  • Benefits the sinews and joints
  • Unbinds the chest and benefits the lateral costal region


  • Pain in the chest
  • Pain in the hypochondriac region
  • Asthma
  • General Aching and Weakness
  • pain of whole body, weakness in the four
  • limbs, flaccidity of the 100 joints
  • cough, chest pain


Chest and lateral costal region pain..


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