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Weakness of the Shoulder

Hippocrates, the father of medicine wrote; “Diseases of any kind are crises of purification, of toxic elimination. Symptoms are the natural defenses of the body. We call them diseases, but in fact they are the cure of diseases”

The body is out of balance and out of its normal harmony, and it attempting to work its’ way back to homeostasis. In a large sense, it has to do with the life we live, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and especially it is concerned with the foods we eat and the stress we experience.

Our bodies are quite versatile and can accumulate a ton of these stressors before anything really happens. But there comes a point where the body says “i’m mad as hell, and i’m not going to take it any more!” This is when it begins its’ eliminative process and you feel yourself becoming “sick”.

This process of throwing off waste and toxity is what the modern science calls disaese. Dr. William Trebing in his book Good-Bye Germ Theory.

We accumulate wasted in our body by violating the natural rules, such as

  1. Sleep
  2. Hunger
  3. Thirst
  4. Rest

Wastes we accumulate within our body and mind interferes with the internal body organ’s routine works. Accumulated Wastes will not let the life force energy to do its job and that is what we call as diseases.

Lack of Life force is the root cause of all diseases

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